Carbon, biodiversity & ecosystem services:
exploring co-benefits

Interactive Maps

This tool provides interactive maps that allow users to explore the distribution of carbon density relative to areas high in biodiversity and areas which are nationally protected for different countries around the world. Users can view layers, show or hide layer content, as well as see how the distribution of carbon and biodiversity relates to other geographical features such as rivers, coastlines, and international boundaries. The links below show the the countries currently included in the tool. Additional data for other countries will be incorporated shortly.

Carbon and Biodiversity Calculator

The carbon-biodiversity calculator is no-longer being maintained. To access the underlying datasets on terrestrial carbon storage and sequestration potential please contact the Climate Change Programme at UNEP-WCMC (

ExploringMultipleBenefits toolbox V1.2

This customised ArcGIS 9.3.1 toolbox has been developed at UNEP-WCMC for REDD+ multiple benefits analyses. It provides both novice and experienced GIS users with a series of raster analysis tools to help identify, map and understanding the spatial relationship between ecosystem carbon stocks, other ecosystem services, biodiversity, land-use and pressures on natural resources. The resolution of the analysis is defined by the user. The toolbox is flexible, providing a set of tools that can be used interchangeably whilst using a consistent and efficient methodology that will decreases the time required to undertake such analyses.

It has been developed through work funded by both the UN-REDD Programme and the German Environment Ministry (BMU) through its Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN).

A guidance document accompanying this toolbox “Identifying and mapping the biodiversity and ecosystem-based multiple benefits of REDD+: A step-by-step guide” is currently under review and will be made available shortly.